The Ultimate Guide to Automating Social Media for Sales Teams

The Ultimate Guide to Automating Social Media for Sales Teams -thumbnailSocial media—the land of endless sales possibilities. A world where a single post can generate tens of thousands in revenue just because of a perfect product placement, and the right DM can spark a lasting (and profitable) business relationship.

Let’s face it, though. Effective social selling can be challenging even for the most experienced sales teams.

It’s a common scenario: You spend hours crafting a strategy to attract qualified prospects. You hit ‘post,’ and then you wait. And wait. Despite your efforts, you don’t get as much as a comment, much less a flood of inbound leads.

And as you’re trying to balance your social selling with the demands of all the client meetings, strategy sessions, and that never-ending ‘ping’ of Slack notifications, you might find yourself wondering: how do you make social media work in your favor as a salesperson?

Thankfully, there’s a solution: social media automation.

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Why Use
Clearview Social?

We're a simple platform that helps your team share your content on their social media platforms, with easy prompts, email reminders and one-click activation.

Easy Set-Up

Upload a list of your users with their email addresses, and your team is ready to start sharing.

Algorithmic Auto-Scheduling

Schedule your posts using PeakTime™ and our A.I. will ensure each post goes live during the most strategic times of the day and week.

One-Click Sharing

Users receive an email or slack, and can schedule approved shares to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in one-click.

Measured Results

Track your progress with our analytics tools. Learn who's seeing your content, how many people it's reaching, and the earned media value. You can even track referrals and campaigns!


The easiest way to increase your social media traffic.