AI Unleashed: Revolutionizing Employee Advocacy 


Imagine using AI for your employee advocacy efforts is like switching from cable internet to high-speed Wi-Fi in your workplace. Gone are the days of relying on manual efforts to mobilize your team, and the process is far from dynamic.

AI liberates your employee advocacy program from repetitive tasks and manual processes. It empowers your employees to become enthusiastic brand advocates with greater ease and effectiveness. Watch the webinar to hear how AI is changing the employee advocacy and social media marketing landscape.

What you’ll learn:

Identify the biggest challenges companies face with employee advocacy
Discover best practices for starting an employee advocacy program
Showcase AI tools that will enhance your social media marketing


If you’re struggling to build a strong social media presence and engage with your employees – this webinar will put you on top.




Colin Walsh

SVP & GM, ProfitSolv

Colin is the GM of Clearview Social and has been helping firms with digital marketing since 2008. Prior to Clearview he founded a CRM for solar installers called Wave Solar (acquired by SolarReviews), was SVP of Marketing for a fintech platform Mosaic, was COO of an adtech platform Unite (acquired by Operam), and founded digital marketing agency VisiSeek (acquired by AudienceX).

Lindsey Humphreys Headshot

Lindsey Humphreys

Client Success Specialist, Clearview Social

Lindsey is a business-minded and customer-focused Client Success Specialist for Clearview Social. With 8 years of successful experience and a passion for technology, she is devoted to customer success, satisfaction, engagement, and retention through developing and facilitating innovative technology training programs and resources. She can always find an excuse to create something new on Canva and loves to challenge herself with writing. In her spare time, she thoroughly enjoys being with her family and her two dogs.