Crafting & Boosting LinkedIn Posts with Employee Advocacy

In this webinar, Colin Walsh, GM of Clearview Social, guides you through the art of creating LinkedIn content that not only resonates with your company's vision, but also encourages employees to share it on their personal profiles. Learn to harness the true potential of employee advocacy software and explore the benefits of personalized content streams by job function or department.

What you’ll learn:

Crafting LinkedIn content that works for both company pages and personal profiles.
Strategies to draft engaging posts that resonate with your target audience.
Leveraging employee advocacy software for seamless content amplification.
Personalized content streams: Tailoring your message to different job functions or departments.
Practical steps to initiate and nurture an effective employee advocacy program in your large organization.

Who Should Watch:

  • Marketing Directors / CMOs 
  • Social Media Managers and Strategists 
  • HR and Employee Engagement Professionals 
  • Professionals keen on mastering LinkedIn content strategies and employee advocacy 

Watch the webinar to enhance your social media strategy and empower your employees to become brand advocates.




Colin Walsh

SVP & GM, ProfitSolv

Colin is the GM of Clearview Social and has been helping firms with digital marketing since 2008. Prior to Clearview he founded a CRM for solar installers called Wave Solar (acquired by SolarReviews), was SVP of Marketing for a fintech platform Mosaic, was COO of an adtech platform Unite (acquired by Operam), and founded digital marketing agency VisiSeek (acquired by AudienceX).