Dark Social: The Basics and Beyond

Shine a Light On Your Dark Social Activity

Dark social is the invisible sharing of content across platforms, and it’s something your marketing team needs to be talking about. It’s hard to track, and even harder to attribute conversions and traffic to.

Watch our on-demand webinar as we explore the ins and outs of Dark Social, how it affects your marketing efforts, and how can you measure it. The Clearview Social Media Experts have the solutions and answers you need to illuminate your dark social, track all your traffic, and prove the ROI on your marketing efforts.

Learning Objectives:

What is Dark Social?
Why should you use Dark Social in your marketing strategy?
How does Dark Social affect your business?
Ways you can start using Dark Social NOW




Colin Walsh

SVP & GM, ProfitSolv

Colin is the GM of Clearview Social and has been helping firms with digital marketing since 2008. Prior to Clearview he founded a CRM for solar installers called Wave Solar (acquired by SolarReviews), was SVP of Marketing for a fintech platform Mosaic, was COO of an adtech platform Unite (acquired by Operam), and founded digital marketing agency VisiSeek (acquired by AudienceX).


Scott Clasen

VP of Marketing, ProfitSolv

Scott Clasen is the VP of Marketing for ProfitSolv. With 20+ years of marketing experience, he’s seen the full transition to the digital marketing environment. Scott was previously the marketing director at TimeSolv, one of the ProfitSolv portfolio companies, where he oversaw growth that resulted in tripling the user base in less than five years. Scott holds a bachelor’s degree from Gustavus Adolphus College and a Master of Education from the University of St. Thomas.