Empower Your Employees: How to Get Employees to Share Company Content on Social Media

Are you struggling to get brand visibility on social media? It’s time to unlock the power of your workforce! Your employees are the secret weapon to wider reach, greater credibility, and increased conversions. But how do you get them sharing?

Watch our webinar as we explore strategies to activate and encourage your team to become your biggest brand advocates. Learn practical strategies and the tools you need to make it easy and rewarding for employees to share your company’s message and drive business growth.

Learning Objectives:

Benefits of employee engagement on social media, from increasing brand visibility to driving lead generation
Practical methods to motivate and empower your employees to share company content consistently
Activating buy-in with an employee advocacy tool that simplifies and maximizes employee engagement

Ready to turn your employees into brand advocates? Watch now.



Anthony Johnson Headshot

Anthony Johnson

Account Executive

Anthony Johnson is an Account Executive with Clearview Social. He has worked within the social media software landscape for the past six years. He has a passion for learning and sharing that knowledge with others. He is the co-founder of Protocol VS, a viral solutions company.

Lindsey Humphreys Headshot

Lindsey Humphreys

Client Success Specialist, Clearview Social

Lindsey is a business-minded and customer-focused Client Success Specialist for Clearview Social. With 8 years of successful experience and a passion for technology, she is devoted to customer success, satisfaction, engagement, and retention through developing and facilitating innovative technology training programs and resources. She can always find an excuse to create something new on Canva and loves to challenge herself with writing. In her spare time, she thoroughly enjoys being with her family and her two dogs.