Maximize Your Brand’s Share of Voice Using Social Media

Sometimes, the best brand advocates are sitting right under your nose.

Yes, we mean your employees.

A company’s team of long-standing employees possess all the knowledge, experience, and passion needed to advocate their respective brands effectively—and social media is the perfect place to do it. By empowering your employees to be brand advocates, you're providing them with a sense of ownership and pride in the company they work for. This, in turn, can lead to increased engagement levels from both your employees AND customers.

An employee advocacy program on social media doesn’t just benefit customers. It also helps the employees themselves, along with the company as a whole. Talk about a win-win!

Watch our webinar to learn how to maximize your brand's share of voice on social media and increase your reach and engagement with your target audience.

Learning Objectives:

Unsuccessful ways companies encourage employees to share (and how to improve your efforts)
Why employee shares perform better than company posts
What's in it for the employees


Wider reach, greater credibility, and more engagement? Simply put, happy employees can be one of your greatest marketing assets.




Mike Rautenstrauch

Director of Client Success at Clearview Social, Inc.

Mike has been with Clearview Social for over 6 years and has focused his time in both Client Management and Sales. He was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and has two beautiful daughters. In his free time you may find Mike skiing as he try's to maneuver the intense Buffalo, NY winters or out on the racket courts getting in his exercise.