Social Media Safety

It’s better to be safe than sorry on social media.

It’s no secret that social media has become one of the leading channels for marketing and advertising. Its use has become necessary if you want your business to remain visible and reliable.

Social media is a tool that has its pros and cons. When used correctly, social media is a fantastic way to spread information, connect with the right audience, and share your brand's voice. However, maintaining a social network requires time, effort, and someone to manage your company’s social media presence.

Learning Objectives:

Top 5 unsafe social media habits
How to use the settings within different platforms to limit visibility to groups or people
How to edit your profiles and “delete” content
Tips for staying safe on social media


Consider this webinar, the social media risk management training you didn’t know you needed!




Lindsey Ziccardi

Director of Clearview Social, Inc.

Lindsey has been with Clearview since February 2016 and leads daily operations. She is responsible for making sure things run smoothly day to day. A former catering and events coordinator originally from Syracuse, NY and a graduate of Buffalo State College, she enjoys helping employees and customers and creating an enjoyable experience for them. When not leading the team, Lindsey is often found working at her craft table or hanging with her husband and sons, Anthony and Charlie.