Staffing Using Social Media: Winning on Recruitment and Retention

Let’s face it: recruiting top talent these days is a challenge.

Between the uptick of remote work and freelancing, the labor shortage, and increasing company turnover rates, recruiting is facing new and unprecedented hurdles. But it’s not just new challenges that are defining the hiring market.

There are also new opportunities that are presenting themselves for recruitment. And one that can lead to an influx of better talent? Utilizing your employees and social media. A little something, we like to call employee advocacy.

Learning Objectives:

Why you should share more content than just job postings.
Why social media is an effective tool for recruiting.


Make recruiting top talent simple with social media in 2023.




Mike Rautenstrauch

Director of Client Success at Clearview Social, Inc.

Mike has been with Clearview Social for over 6 years and has focused his time in both Client Management and Sales. He was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and has two beautiful daughters. In his free time you may find Mike skiing as he try's to maneuver the intense Buffalo, NY winters or out on the racket courts getting in his exercise.